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May 12th or 13th evening

Steps To Register

  1. To book a private party, add your name, email and phone number.
  2. It will require a $45 non-refundable deposit. When your party is booked with participants, your payment will go towards your personal costs.
  3. Once it is booked, we will be in touch with you regarding details and will set up a personlaized sign up link for your party.


Private Party May 12th evening
$ 45.00
Private Party May 13th evening
$ 45.00


  • Private Party May 12th evening

    Purkey's Private Potting Party
  • Total

    USD $45.00


It's Spring!! Aren't we all excited for the color, beauty and warmth!

Mother's Day = Flower Planting Season

Our team is ready to help you get prepared. (73)

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